Falcon Anchors & Pins

For permanent installations utilizing our TRM and HPTRMs, the Falcon Anchors and Pins can be used to create erosion control systems designed to firmly secure and support soils deep into the soil strata. The Falcon Anchors and Pins are an innovative method to reduce erosion, increase soil stability, aiding vegetation establishment, while saving time and labor costs. Check out Falcon Anchors and Pins for additional information.

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Falcon Anchors provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for erosion control and soil stabilization applications. Falcon Anchors are designed to provide immediate stabilization, requires no crimping and have improved load-locking capabilities, for easy installation.

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The Falcon Hex Pins are an innovative fastener providing significantly greater pullout resistance than typical straight pins or staples. Available in configurations specialized for different soil types, the Falcon Hex Pins improve pullout performance in soft or sandy soils, as well as compact, cohesive soils.