About Us

Our Company

Western Green, and its associated erosion control brands East Coast Erosion, Falcon Anchors, North American Green and Western Excelsior, is the industry leader for manufactured erosion and sediment control products and holds the industry's most complete product line ranging from short term ECBs to permanent HPTRM Anchored Systems. Whether your site needs short-term protection or permanent vegetation reinforcement, trust Western Green's quality brand products to handle any erosion issue you may face.

Western Green boasts the widest geographical manufacturing footprint in the erosion and sediment control arena. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Bernville, Pennsylvania; Lake City, South Carolina; Macon, Georgia; McPherson, Kansas, and Poseyville, Indiana, and our corporate offices are located in Evansville, Indiana. Through our wide manufacturing footprint, Western Green can maintain an extensive network of distributors with offices from coast to coast.

Our History - A company born from ground up

Western Excelsior and North American Green started as two, small family-owned companies determined to provide solutions for a new emerging market – erosion and sediment control. Over the last 30 years, we developed and introduced new types of erosion control blankets and manufacturing technologies utilizing a range of renewable resources to the U.S. market. As our distributor network expanded, eventually Western Excelsior and North American Green joined together in 2017, forming Western Green. This merge allowed for expanded manufacturing and distribution channels across North America. But we haven’t stopped there! Today, Western Green continues to broaden our product line through advanced research and development, expanding our solutions into new industries, and broadening our manufacturing capabilities and reach with the addition of 4 manufacturing locations since Western Green’s founding.

Our Mission

Our mission at Western Green is to provide ground-breaking solutions. Every day we produce and distribute products around the world to protect our soils and enhance construction activities using natural, rapidly-renewable resources.